V volumetric internal gear pumps are used in applications where the management of clean fluids with high viscosities is required.
They are used in all industrial applications where a delicate treatment of the pumped product is required, preventing chemical-physical alterations.
Volumetric rotary, they ensure flow rates proportional to the rotational speed and con-stant pulse-free flows, regardless of the back pressure.


Up to 240 m3/h


Up to 200 mm

Standard Construction Materials

Cast iron, treated cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel


20 - 100.000 [mm2/s - cSt]


Up to 16 bar


Up to 200°C

  • Constant flow rate. Proportional to the number of revolutions, regardless of back pressure
  • Continuous flow. Pulse-free and no pressure peaks, hence no system vibrations
  • Versatility. With the same pump, use the rotor axis adjustment device to pump liquids with viscosity below that or water or high viscosity liquids
  • Reversibility. By changing the direction of rotation you change the direction in which the liquid flows, keeping the features and performance unchanged
  • Self-priming. The high degree of vacuum that can be achieved makes fast self-priming possible at the maximum heights allowed by the physical conditions of the pumped liquid
V – Bare shaft
V… BP – Base and joint
V… V… BP – Vertical

Case History

Case History

Varisco internal gear volumetric pumps for the transfer of chemical products in the construction sector

A significant customer active in the construction market has implemented the Varisco V80 and V100 internal gear volumetric pumps to pump and transfer chemicals for the production of solutions for insulation, rehabilitation, maintenance and renovation of buildings.

Case History

Ketone resins

A leading company active in the production of ketone resins has implemented Varisco volumetric pumps and self-priming centrifugal pumps to transfer the chemical components used in the process.

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