The J self-priming centrifugal pumps are used in applications requiring a fast priming capacity from demanding suction heights combined with the ability to transfer and manage polluted, waste and abrasive fluids with suspended solids.
The system features an inspectable pump casing, which also acts as a water tank allowing for early quick priming without auxiliary systems, simplifying system management and reducing maintenance times.


Up to 1200 m3/h


Up to 110 m

Solid Handlings

Up to 76 mm


Up to 300 mm

Suction Height

Up to 7,5 m

Standard Construction Materials

Cast iron, hardened cast iron, stainless steel

  • Top and dry installation to ensure easy control, maintenance and management
  • Suitable for handling challenging fluids and heavy-duty applications with suspended solids
  • Easily replaceable parts subject to wear to restore original performance
  • Management of fluids with viscosity up to 50mm2/s (cSt) with standard sizing. Option of special sizing for dense and waste mixtures and slurries
JS – JS Ex – Bare Shaft
JE… FT – Monoblock
JE… NT – Monoblock
JP MOD – for hydraulic motor
JO MOD – with hydraulic motor
JE…S – Base and joint
JX…S… BASE – Base and joint

PSDrive® - Variatore di frequenza

Varisco PSDrive può essere installato direttamente a bordo motore al posto della basetta motore delle pompe JE…NT Varisco garantendo:

  • Risparmio energetico ed economico
  • Ampliamento delle possibilità di prestazione delle pompe autoadescanti
  • Riduzione dei tempi d’innesco
  • Versatilità in caso di contenute modifiche d’impianto, di prestazioni richieste e di fluido pompato

PSDrive può essere gestito e monitorato anche da remoto tramite la comoda App Varisco PSDrive disponibile per Android e iOS.

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Case History

Case History

Production of cleaning products

Varisco V Series internal gear volumetric pumps with base and joint set-up for pumping surfactants and detergent formulations in sulphonation plants for the production of cleaning products.

Case History

Pumping of limewater and cement laden water

Varisco J Series self-priming centrifugal pumps for pumping limewater and concrete mixers wash water or cement management plants.

Case History


Varisco J Series self-priming centrifugal pumps inside a purification plant for the transfer of dirty water

Case History

Ketone resins

A leading company active in the production of ketone resins has implemented Varisco volumetric pumps and self-priming centrifugal pumps to transfer the chemical components used in the process.

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