The range implies capacities of up to 38,000 l/min. (2,300 m3/h), head of up to 110 m and solids passage of up to 3.5". VARISCO pumps can even fulfil the most difficult requests related to the following sectors:

- Drainage
- Construction
- Water emergencies, Fire Brigades, Civil Protection.
Drainage of turbid and sandy liquids, as well as liquids with suspended solids deriving from pits, channels and basins, with both self-priming and vacuum-assisted centrifugal pumps, open or silenced, superficial or submersible;
Lowering groundwater with wellpoint systems or with draining tubes, with vacuum-assisted centrifugal or piston pumps;
Perforation systems with bentonite pumping and abrasive perforation slime with centrifugal pumps made of high-resistance hardened cast iron.