Industrial and Drainage pump production

Varisco S.r.l. has long experience and skill in designing, producing and operating pumps for the industry of processing and treating wastewater with suspended solids. In addition, it designs and produces drainage solutions for the Construction and Emergency sectors, as well as for Firefighting teams.
The success obtained by the company derives from its capacity of providing its clients with technical solutions that are always adequate for resolving the problem due to the widest and most articulated range of products in the respective sectors.
Centrifugal Pumps range: 1” - 12” opening diameter, for Industry, Drainage, Wellpoint and Bentonites Pumping.
Volumetric Pumps range: 1/2” - 10” for liquids of any viscosity.


For the Industrial sector Varisco has various types of solutions with both centrifugal and volumetric pumps guaranteeing capacities of up to 20,000 l/min. (1,200 m3/h) and pressures of up to 48 bar, in addition to viscous liquid solutions of up to 1,000,000 cPs.

Therefore, the wide range of pumps allows Varisco to meet the most complicated requests in the various industrial areas. All product lines are also available in the ATEX version.

Volumetric pumps also come with magnetic drive. Moreover, Varisco offers submersible electric pumps, membrane and single-screw pumps for viscous liquids with solids and filamentous fibres.

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Varisco has great experience in the firefighting sector and is able to offer a vast range of standard and box solutions (ARGO series) compliant with EN 12845 (sprinkler systems), with one or two electric or motor pumps and supplemented with a "jockey" compensation pump.

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The range implies capacities of up to 38,000 l/min. (2,300 m3/h), head of up to 110 m and solids passage of up to 3.5". VARISCO pumps can even fulfil the most difficult requests related to the following sectors:

- Drainage
- Construction
- Water emergencies, Fire Brigades, Civil Protection.
Drainage of turbid and sandy liquids, as well as liquids with suspended solids deriving from pits, channels and basins, with both self-priming and vacuum-assisted centrifugal pumps, open or silenced, superficial or submersible;
Lowering groundwater with wellpoint systems or with draining tubes, with vacuum-assisted centrifugal or piston pumps;
Perforation systems with bentonite pumping and abrasive perforation slime with centrifugal pumps made of high-resistance hardened cast iron.

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