Company presentation

Varisco S.r.l. has always had a clear mission: design, production and distribution of professional pumps for general industry and drainage.

Varisco S.r.l. has always had a clear mission: design, production and distribution of professional pumps for general industry and drainage. In particular, the company handles pumps for industrial use, for construction site drainage, for water emergency cases in floods and for fire fighting in industrial and civil buildings.
Varisco brochure Founded in 1932, now the company is part of the global Atlas Copco Group and is known to the world as a high-quality trademark related to the design and construction of industrial pumps.

The success achieved in a highly competitive market derives from designing and testing the company’s own machines, creating synergies between internal and external resources, such as the University. The underlying work always focuses on innovation that is the foundation of every project, to interpret and anticipate the needs of a market that is continuously evolving, which is capable of supporting clients when selecting, installing and servicing pumps, which can resolve their specific problems.

The most important resource in a company is its people. Varisco can count on a team formed by experienced professionals who sustain new co-workers, rich in enthusiasm and competence, thus creating a winning team.

The company has always had an international vocation paying much attention to capabilities and linguistic training as an integral part of its Quality Management system. Innovation lies at the base of the Varisco projects and is embodied in the technical development of its products, requiring laboratory and field testing. Varisco has a Research and Development Centre which is one of a kind. Its purpose is to guarantee the company’s continued leadership in its sector and its role as a centre of competence for pumps within the Group.

The Varisco offer covers both finished products ready for use and engineering solutions.

Varisco provides both presale and after-sales service to its clients.
Presale service consists in the study and selection of the best solutions considering the specific after-sales application, operating through its top notch Support Centres and Authorised Workshops, both in Italy and abroad.

Our corporate philosophy is formulated in the words:
Solid pumping solutions. 

Varisco Research and Development Centre

Although the pump sector has been long-standing, it still requires continuous improvements in terms of design and construction materials to comply with an ever more stringent regulatory framework on occupational safety and environmental protection.

Varisco dedicates considerable resources to remain at the forefront of pumping technology, in particular through a special Research and Development Centre located in an exclusive three-storey building, adjoining the factory. The core of the R&D Centre consists of the pump testing laboratory, which is split into two distinct areas: “water” for rotodynamic pumps and “oil” for volumetric pumps.

The “water” area comprises three completely automatic stations with direct current motors for precise control of the rotation speed and a 10 metre high vertical plant for priming tests and for the verification of NPSH in 1" - 12" pumps.

The “oil” area can host 1" - 10" pumps. Oils of different viscosity are available.

Oil is contained in four tanks with a refrigeration system to maintain constant viscosity during tests.

The viscosity range is between 5 and 300 cSt. A state-of-the-art data acquisition system provides the results immediately, allowing for a detailed analysis.

In addition, the R&D personnel performs field tests of the pumps containing new materials or having different construction characteristics, also due to co-operation with selected key users.

When the ideas of our technicians prove their validity in the real world, they turn into a wealth of knowledge and technology available to all the clients who purchase Varisco machines.